Where can I get my racquet restrung?

After a restring for you GPS competition? We can help!

Restrings are available at our Ambiwerra Tennis Centre in Corinda during office hours. 
We offer a turnaround service of 48hrs, however restrings can often be completed earlier than this. If you need your restring completed by a certain time, we recommend phoning ahead to see if we can help.

Can't make it to Ambiwerra?
That's okay, Our coaches often travel back to Ambiwerra after their lessons and can bring your racquet in for a restring, just make sure to provide your name, phone number and the string and tension you would like for your racquet and we can have the coach return it to you for your next training session. 
If you aren't sure what kind of string or tension you would like, we can recommend a string for you.

Check out our range and price list below

Polyester Range

  • Babolat RPM Blast $52.50
  • Babolat Pro Hurricane $52.50
  • Babolat RPM Team $52.50
  • Dunlop Explosive Red $50.00
  • Dunlop Explosive Spin $50.00
  • Dunlop Black Widow $47.50
  • Head Lynx $52.50
  • Head Sonic Pro $52.50
  • Head Hawk $52.50
  • Luxilon Alu Power $71.25
  • Luxilon 4G $65.00
  • Solinco Hyper G $50.00
  • Solinco Tour Bite $50.00
  • Solinco Confidential $50.00
  • Solinco Revolution $47.500
  • Tecnifibre Black Code $52.50
  • Tecnifibre Red Code $47.50
  • Tecnifibre Razor Code $55.00
  • Yonex Poly Tour Pro $52.50
  • Yonex Poly Tour Fire $55.00
  • Yonex Poly Tour Strike $55.00

Synthetic Gut

  • Babolat Synthetic Gut $43.70
  • Babolat SpiralTek $43.75
  • Head Synthetic Gut PPS $47.50
  • Prince Synthetic Gut $50.00
  • Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut $43.75
  • Wilson Sensation $40.00

Multifilament Range

  • Babolat Attraction $43.75
  • Babolat Xcel $68.75
  • Head Rip Control $56.25
  • Prince Premier Control $61.25
  • Tecnifibre Triax $68.75
  • Wilson NXT $62.50
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