When are the Terrace Championships and how do I enter?

2022 Age Championships - Sunday 20th February 

2022 Open Championships - Sunday 27th February

*Please note 6th of March is marked as an emergency day for these event in the event of rain or disruption. 

Age Championships
The Terrace Tennis Age Championship will be held at Ambiwerra tennis centre on Sunday the 20th of February.

This event is broken up into year levels. This allows the boys to play against other boys their own age. The Age championship also gives coaching staff the opportunity to evaluate the boy’s standard when playing others their own age.

The Age Championship is a major selection event for GPS teams and participation in this event is greatly encouraged.

Open Championships
The Terrace Tennis Open Championship will be held at Ambiwerra tennis centre on Sunday the 27th of February. 

This event is broken up into 3 categories: 

Junior school – Years 5 & 6 

Middle school – Years 7-9 

Senior school – Years 10 – 12 

Although the Age and Open Championships are not compulsory, they are major selection events for GPS teams and participation in these events is greatly encouraged. 

How do I enter? 

Registration for the Age Championships and the Open Championship can be completed via Parent Lounge.  

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