Private Lessons Gregory Terrace

Private lessons are available at the Spring Hill Tennis Centre

If you would like to add a private lesson to your training schedule, please contact us on

Please note that due to limited courts and coaches, the private lessons will have to be after the group lessons (before 6:15am or after 4:45pm on weekdays)
Spots are limited, so please contact us to arrange lessons as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Performance Coach Private Lesson Pricing
30min - $63 (Member $56.70)
45min - $89 (Member $80.10)
60min - $110 (Member $99)

Assistant Coach Private Lesson Pricing
30min - $42 (Member $37.80)
45min - $58 (Member $52.20)
60min - $74 (Member $66.60)

Membership is $26/month, If you are interested in joining the membership or would like further information you can read more here

How to pay for Private Lesson / Membership
We ask players to leave payment details in our system.
We use a system called mindbody online to keep track your bookings and payment.
Once your coach marks your lessons as "completed" in mindbody, the office will charge your private lesson fee at the end of each day. So no need to make advance payment, if your private lessons gets cancelled, you won't be charged.

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